Friday, 9 March 2012

Reach Out For My Hand


A few days ago, I went with a few ladies to visit one of the charities that the American Women's Club Lagos have been supporting throughout the years. It is a maternity clinic and right beside it, is a school/nursery. The clinic provides pre and post-natal care for indigent women. Apparently, they also provide care of abandoned children and orphans from all parts of Lagos, Nigeria. Sometimes, when these women come in, they do not have the means to pay. So that means, the staff at the clinic won't get paid either.

While in the school, there are about 114 kids ranging from 2 yrs old till about 12 or 13 yrs old. There's a lady who's in charge of the place. She is simply known as "Mama". I am no saviour nor am I an angel but what I saw and hear touched my heart. Mama was not there when we came. We talked with Ms Rasheeda instead. She takes care and is in charge of the school.

Of course, just like in every part of Nigeria, there are so many needs. The clinic need some rubber gloves, malaria medicines among other things. The school was lacking of proper curtains among other things to shield the children in the classroom from the bright sunlight. The children even ran out of food once. These children are very smart. I was watching Ms Rasheeda teached the class for a bit while we were there. Enjoy the pictures. I enjoyed taking them!
These children were happy to see us. 5, 6 and 7yrs olds.
Playground area shared by 114 kids!


These children were reading/writing in a dark classroom. These are 4 and 5yrs olds if I'm not mistaken.

Ms Rasheeda and her two daughters
Measuring to make curtains for the classrooms

Modest sign at the entrance of the classrom

12, 13 yrs olds.

The Clinic

The emergency room. Not the typical ones that you imagine it to be.
Up the stairs to the labour ward. At times, they have to carry the patients up the stairs.

Scanning room

Guess what room this is?

Tiny room they call laboratory

I should be thankful with what I've got!

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