Friday, 23 March 2012

Mean, Mean, Jelly Bean


Not exactly! I probably was one of the most hated person in the world yesterday. After I made our driver "surrender" his car keys towards the end of the day starting yup, yesterday. I finally did it after eight months. I am actually a very nice, sweet person (typing this with a SINISTER grin!) if you must say.

Around 1.55pm yesterday, the look and reaction on our driver's face was, well, "priceless"! Our driver didn't think I was nice and sweet at that moment. Biatch was more in his dictionary. I just had to do it. I probably wouldn't resort to this if I didn't caught him red-handed using the car one or two times for personal use. Even our nanny/stewardess rides in the car ALL the time just to get to the bus stop. Take leg, woman! I am trying to close my eyes on that one.

They didn't know that I've been monitoring them all these while. I could care less because the car really doesn't belong to me but that doesn't mean that they can do whatever they want.

Nevertheless, it's all good. Our driver doesn't bear a grudge though I know, downstairs, secret meetings have been going on. For now, I shall stay away from the lion's den.

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