Thursday, 22 March 2012

Are You A Tai Tai?


My husband admire hated my guts for being a full-time housewife and not having to work especially being here in Nigeria! Mind you, I haven't been in touch with the working world for almost 11 years now and hello, I am so loving it! How do I do it, you may ask? If one have the opportunity, why not?

"Oh boy…must be nice to be tai tai (tie tie) expat wife slurping coffee and piddling around…" This I quote from my husband's email to me this morning. Before you judge me, I will say this. We are not wealthy. We are not millionaires. Ha!

I like the fact that I don't have anybody telling me what to do. I have two boys to take care of full-time, well, three boys, if you include my husband. That's a full-time job already. I don't mind it. I love doing it. I am a mom. That's my duty. I also LOVE to cook! I find that eversince we came to Nigeria, I have been cooking even more. I learn how to cook some dishes from scratch here. I learn how to cook from BIG jars of food.

What am I going to do with this? It's been staring at me for months!
I learn how to make my own pesto sauce. I know. I know. You would be saying to me it's easy, how can I not know how to cook/do my own pesto sauce! I was "spoiled" before. I used to buy those pesto sauce in jars. Until I get to Nigeria! After I bought one jar from one store, I couldn't find them anymore. For months. So I gave up and made my own.

I love the green colour
So you see folks, becoming a tai tai is not all about shaking legs all day, eating bons bons, getting pampered in the spa all the time (gotta do this once in a while though!) and so on. My sister-in-law once said, "I don't see how my brother don't gain 200 pounds with you cooking all these great food?!?!". I'm taking it as a compliment. He did not gain 200 pounds. Our kids did not gain 200 pounds. I did not gain 200 pounds. Though I did gain a few. Don't ask me again how much. I am planning to lose it. The weight that is! Slowly.

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