Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The End Of The Dragon

I don't know about you but I just can't believe how time flies. It really did!

We've been here in Lagos, Nigeria, for about 1 1/2 yrs now. That was fast. It was not an easy ride. Culture shock. Making and losing friends. Within that time frame, we had lost one of our cats. He got sick and died. I was devastated. I also get depressed sometimes. Emotions going up and down. Homesick. You  are not sure how your children are really feeling being here in a third world country even though they may seem happy. My husband has never been more stressed in his life and sometimes he come home from work with a big frown. At times, I feel scared to go out not knowing what might happen. I don't drive here. I miss my car. I miss driving. I miss listening to the radio while driving. I don't even know who is the most famous and popular singer these days. Once, when my husband told me that we might be staying here in Nigeria a bit longer than planned, I don't know what to say. I can't describe it but I know that I am not too thrilled at that idea but it is not bad here. Exaggerations can make the mind wander. What I do know is that, it will help our family tremendously by being here. We are settled in now. Our apartment is not huge but it is nice and cozy. The way I like it. We make it work.

This year is the year of the snake in the Chinese zodiac calendar. I hope it won't sting anyone like how the dragon did to us last year in 2012. It had been a very fiery 2012! So many things happened. Bad and good things. Let's forget about the bad ones and move on but always remember the good ones.

So to that, I wish everyone a blessed, Happy New Year 2013!


  1. Hi! It's so interesting to read your blog! My husband just got a job offer that would require us to move to Lagos. I have 5 daughters ages 11 down to 2. We have always lived in the US. I'm up for new experiences but am concerned about safety. Would you do it again if you could? We make a very decent wage here (although the salary would obviously be a boost). They keep talking about salary but I am not sure about cost of living. Does the salary dwindle to about the same? (I know, this is all relative to situation but any help or advice would be awesome!) Thanks!

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  3. Your post really resonated with me, and I can't wait to show my wife. We live in Lekki, and feel very similarly about this place. We seem to be the only people who came for the adventure, and not just the money. No one told us on our pre-assignment trip what this place really was. People act like it's a grand life because they all have nannies, and stewards, and a driver, but that's not the truth. The truth is that every aspect of life is peppered with stress. And the fundamental philosophical differences between us and the locals cannot be overstated. Our former driver blamed oyibos for Elekko beach being so trashed, because they don't go there enough anymore, and pay people to clean it. And then he tossed a bag of trash into the bush without hesitation. Do you ever wonder how in a place void of atheism, saturated with religion, everything can be so corrupt? And it feels like it's rubbed off on many of the oyibos. Anyhow, you've got a good blog. My wife is going to really appreciate this post. My email is if you guys ever need to vent to someone who understands exactly what you're talking about. In this place someone who gets it is worth their weight in gold.

    1. Hello TJ, thank you for reading my blog! Yes, this is a different lifestyle here that's for sure. Am glad there are other folks that share the same insight as us! Keep on checking and reading my blog. Take care....