Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I've Caught The Bug. Agege Bug.

I can't help giggling writing this post. Caught a glimpse of my neighbor out the window, buying Agege by the roadside as she was walking one of her son to school this morning. Wait, be patient, i'll explain to you what the hell I'm talking about! Usually, to buy something by the sidewalk/roadside, out of your comfort zone, it's being frowned upon. It's a big NO NO! You know being an Oyibo (E-X-P-A-T), you are supposed to do all things expat. I'm not going to be in a freaking expat "bubble". This neighbor of mine is like me. We are like whatever.

So, you've heard about Wonder Bread. Yes. Wonder Bread is an American icon. It has been around since 1921.

Over here, Agege, is Nigeria's icon so as to say. You see ladies carrying a tray on their head full of Agege bread everywhere here. Best to buy them in the morning when it's fresh.

Lady selling Agege bread
Lagosians swear by their Agege bread. Everybody here eats them. From the very prominent to the low-income earners. As they would say, it's Agege or nothing at all. It was first produced in Agege, a suburb and local government area in the Ikeja Division of Lagos State, Nigeria. From there it made its way into other parts of the state. Apparently, it is originally known as Ayokuno Bread. When it became popular, it became known as Agege Bread.

With all the hype about this bread, I had to try it. I know why Lagosians are crazy about them and so is my neighbor upstairs. These bread are soft! They really taste good too.

Hey, Agege!
With a price tag of N50 (US$0.30) for a small loaf and N120 (US$0.80) for a bigger loaf, you can get one yourself too. Just don't think about how these breads are being processed/made and you'll be just fine! So far, my tummy and ass like them. So far, so good. Experience life in Lagos. Stop being too much of an expat, suck it up and try these Agege bread.

Monday, 27 August 2012

La Vida Lagos

I cannot say my life here in Lagos is, well, boring. Those who have been here, should know what I'm talking about. For those who have not been here and may be here for an assignment, get ready! Do not listen to all those bad stories that you will hear about Lagos, Nigeria. It is not as bad as what people would describe it. Yes, it is a dangerous place. People treat guns like toys here. If you think about it, it's dangerous everywhere. Of course, if you bring attention to yourself, then you will invite trouble, stupid!

Oh yeah, listen to me! I had the same feelings before we got here. Now, after just a little over one year, I am so used to Lagos. Sort of.

I have been busy eversince school started. I took over the bus mom coordinator job. Basically what I do is to update the bus rule, send out information to the parents anything related to the bus and coordinate the bus duties of parents who have kids riding the bus to school. We usually take turns every few months to be the bus mom/dad. That's right, I'm important. Don't piss me off otherwise I'll make sure you really savour and taste the meaning of bus duty!

Now that kids are back in school, ALL the activities start to roll one by one. Yesterday, was the first birthday party that our boys were invited to.
Kids are busy and so are the moms especially. Busy with school activities, house chores and party! Hey, we, moms, can party too. We deserve it. In fact, I'll be partying every month till Christmas break. Every week, every month, there will be someone's birthday. Our boys' birthdays are coming up soon in a few weeks and so is mine!! This weekend is GNO. If you don't know what GNO means, for goodness sake, it's Girls Night Out. That's right. This is La Vida Lagos.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I Don't Want To Go Back To School!

Yes, I've been hearing that lately. All the moans and groans about going back to school. "No! I don't want to go back to school!" our two boys would say to me. Guess what kids? You WILL have to go back to school. You WILL stop being wild for a while. You WILL let me have a bit of peace and quiet in the house. Tomorrow, our boys go back to school and I'll be "shooing" them away first thing in the morning.

I guess I won't blame them for feeling that way. If I was still a kid, I would be saying that straight at my mom's and dad's face! It have been a good summer. We all need it. I need it.

I will feel pain early tomorrow morning. Not that I am sick. It's just that I have to start dragging my butt off my comfortable bed before sunrise. Can't sleep in late anymore. This morning I woke up at around 9.15am just because my nanny/stewardess is going to be here to clean the house up. It was a sweet feeling. I felt rejuvenated. Ha!

You probably won't find me blogging everyday in here as sometimes I can't be arsed! I will "see" you when I see you, folks.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Back Oh Back

After experiencing a HOT summer break, it is always nice to come "home" to some cool weather and Lagos has that. Right now.

Rainy season is still around. I love it!

I took a blogging break the last 2 months. It have been a great summer break catching up with some good friends and family but it is also good to be back. You know how it is when after you've been away for so long, at some point, you are itchy to come back home. That's exactly how I felt!

Kids have two more weeks of holidays left till they are back to school. I know they are NOT looking forward to it but I am! Ha!

Enjoy some pictures that I took while we were enjoying the sun, sand and sea/sceneries.