Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Join A Club..Or Two..Or Three


If you are like me that cannot sit still at home and like to keep yourself busy while the kids are in school etc, then life is good here in Lagos. There are PLENTY of ladies' groups here that you can join or get associated with. I mean PLENTY...many, countless. American Women's Club Lagos or AWC as they are known is one of them. It was founded by the wife of the first American Ambassador to Nigeria in 1961. Want to know more about them? Click here. Of course, there are also British Women's Group, Nigerwives, French Women's Group, International Women's Society (IWS), South African Women's Club and many more. See, I'm not kidding right? Just pick one. Eenie minnie miny moe! By joining a club, it is also a good way to find out about "treasures" in Africa and also about experiences living in other parts of the world. You get to hear that some of the expats here stay as long as 20years in Nigeria! For us, we are still in the "baby" stage. We are just starting our first year here and come July it will be our first anniversary in Lagos!

Marla Kunfermann. She has been here for 20 years!

Yesterday morning, AWC had a hospitality morning coffee which is held every third Tuesday of the month. It was hosted by my wonderful bubbly friend. She is one of those funny, bubbly, energetic lady who is also a good writer.

Nice little spread of food

Sometimes, there are vendors selling their wares

Usually, when we meet, we will have a nice quick coffee catch up, talk, gossip and then we will all sit down and get down to business. I usually will try to go to their morning coffees/meetings as I would like to get myself involved in their charities. Yes, they do a lot of charity work here in Lagos. If you read more about them, you will know which charities they are actively involved in. It is always a nice way to get together, have fun and make new friends at the same time. So, if you are bored or need someone to sit down with you to have a cup of latte, pick up that phone, woman! Just say where and when. I'll be there.

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