Monday, 27 February 2012

Shake It Part Two


If you have not heard about Zumba yet, where the hell have you been all this while?!?!?! Zumba is EVERYWHERE these days! My friends in Singapore have been making me a wee bit jealous by shouting out loud that they have been to Zumba. After months of trying to find a class, I managed to shake it again this morning. My ass, my chicken arms, everything and I mean EVERYTHING will shake! I LOVE IT!! There's a lot of twisting, shaking, dancing involved. Want to know more about Zumba? No fret, click here and here. I have done something similar in Singapore before we move to this lovely place called Lagos, the Centre of Excellence. Body Jam is the name and just like Zumba, GUARANTEED to lose weight and burn those calories!!

Shake it, shake it, ladies!
I can already see the results. My ass is looking nice and firm. Now, where is my Bodycon dress?!?!?! At least, there ARE things to do here to keep my sanity intact. There just have to keep an eye out for it.

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