Sunday, 19 February 2012

REAL Birthdays Parties Are For The Rich


Yesterday, our oldest son was invited to not one but two birthday parties that happened right after one another. Both birthday boys are 3rd graders just like our son and three of them are in the same reading group in school. One apparently is a local Nigerian kid and the other is an expat from three nationalities, a mixture of Carribean, American and Nigerian (?) I was told. Some Nigerians here are very rich with LOADS of money. I mean they are really filthy rich. In the invite says drop off at school at 11am and pick up from 1.30pm onwards.

Somehow, when we went to the GET Arena to pick up him up, nobody was there. I mean the two birthday boys were missing, the guests which included our son were missing and even the parents of those two birthday boys were missing! I'm like what's going on. After two phone calls to one of the moms and 45 minutes later, they appeared. Apparently, they went to the mainland for one of the boy's party first. Of course, my husband was not thrilled when he found out about it. Nobody goes to the mainland without any security escorts. Now, peeps, before you start accusing me of being a bad mother letting her child go there, let me explain. First, I didn't know that they were going to do that. Going to the dangerously wild mainland that is. One has to cross the bridge to go there. That's where the airport is at. Secondly, the kids had security escorts but still!! If I had known, I wouldn't let him go.

Now, back to the phrase, "Some Nigerians are filthy rich". I also found out that the birthday party was held at a very famous rapper's studio. Nigerian's very own MI.

He is a famous Nigerian hip hop artist. To find out more about him, click here. I was like, "Woah, that must have cost his dad big Nairas!". Then again, we are in Nigeria and they are rich Nigerians. When our son finally got to the GET Arena, all I can hear from him was, "That was awesome!". Of course, it was. You paid big bucks, you get big awesomeness! Oh by the way, GET Arena is a go-karting place here in Lagos. Not a lot of places for kids to go for entertainment so this place is quite popular. This is the other boy's birthday party. They had a DJ, book a fancy party room, big birthday cake and big goody bags. We "showed" our faces, said hi, happy birthday and bye. Off to a sleepover we go. Our son's social lifestyle is much more busier than mine!!

Goody bags for the kids

Saw a boy wearing this among the crowd at the arcade :)

Few of the kids with the DJ

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  1. Hi. I am really sorry about this. We included an insert in the invitation that mentioned we would be going to the mainland and that parents should contact us with questions. We would never put any child in a dangerous situation! The mainland is actually not bad :-) MI is my husband's nephew and he had a great time with the boys. All the kids had a good time. Sorry for the worry...