Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sleepless In Nigeria


As I'm writing this post, outside my window, it is simply raining CATS AND DOGS! I don't mean there are cats and dogs pouring down from the sky. That would be weird and maybe a sign that's telling us the world is coming to an end. Before the internet "dies" on me, I shall write this blog.

It has been pouring down for about 20mins now and it is HEAVY! If it keeps on doing what it's doing, I can only imagine what the roads/streets will look like tomorrow. It is not going to be fun especially if I have to go to the market! Yes, it is now 11.41pm. I am sleepless in Lagos. I was watching tv because usually after 9pm, that's when I get to unwind myself. After 9pm , the apartment is usually quiet. Quiet from the screamings and fighting of our two boys. Quiet from the hustle and bustle of the everyday antics of Lagosians. Quiet from the flicking of tv channels by my husband's fingers. Yes, he hogs the tv and I hate the fact that we do not have two tvs! Well, we have one more tv upstairs but there's no satellite. Our boys use it for their Wii . I'm outnumbered in this house. Our female cat doesn't count!  I love my boys don't get me wrong but at times, they drive me bonkers!

I can't sleep because I am nervous about what this rain might or can do. After experiencing that "hurricane-like" moments a few weeks ago, I'm nervous that a window might cracked open just like what happened to one of our neighbours upstairs. You can read about that here. I also can't sleep because our boys' aircon is making lots of "knocking" noises. What if it blows up? Not funny I know. It can happen.

One of my Malaysian friend, who lives at the Total compound, posted on her facebook about three hours ago that the compound caught on fire! Her husband couldn't salvage anything from their flat. They live on the ground floor. Everybody in the building had to get out of their apartment in whatever clothes they had on. Good thing she's not there. She went back to Malaysia as she was told she was not fit to live here. She's pregnant. Maybe this rain is a blessing after all. I do not know how bad is the damage at that Total compound but I sure hope everyone is ok. That is not the first fire outbreak I've heard. Apartments, building, houses get burned down at times. I'm nervous!

It is midnight now. The rain seem to have stopped. After a busy day today and body a bit sore from Zumba yesterday, I should be able to rock myself to sleep. Otherwise, I will count sheep. So, goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! Or whatever Nigerian bugs that's lurking around! Don't get me started about the mozzies here. Especially during this rainy season that apparently have started early.

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