Monday, 13 February 2012

I Heart You, Hurricane (Or Not!)



That was the question I was asking myself when it stormed this morning. I am not kidding you..the wind were blowing like as if it was travelling at least 150mph. It was pouring down hard. Our boys were getting ready to go to school when the power went off which of course was NOT a surprise! Immediately after that, that's when it happened. One of my neighbour on the 6th floor had one of their bedroom windows cracked. A few houses in front of our apartment building had minor damages to their property. Roof top blown away, small trees uprooted and electric poles fell on roof. In other parts of the city, telephone lines "conquered" the roads and cars were seen driving on opposite side of road to avoid the "catastrophe". Ok, maybe, I'm just exaggerating. Look at the pictures that I took and judge for yourself.

Holes on the rooftop

The end of the road for my favourite windchime
Part of the KFC's rooftop "disappear"
It has been a gloomy day here at the Centre of Excellence (Lagos!). Apparently, the raining season is here early! Main rainy season is usually from March to July, with a second minor rainy season in September and October. I don't mind it at all actually because it makes the weather cooler. I will always have an excuse to dress like this.....

Gloomy day in Lagos
I thought last week was crazy. This morning was also crazy! It is ALWAYS crazy here in Lagos. Oh, did I tell you that our car was stopped by the "police" here twice so far. One time, this so-called policeman was trying to get a bribe from me. Wow, shocking isn't it?!?! Then, last week, I had to call our company's security because this stupid "policewoman" was trying to delay my precious spa appointment. When I mean spa, I mean by Nigerian standard kind of spa.

Spa/Mani & Pedi places here doesn't look like this...

Or like this either....

Nice? Don't be jealous :)
I was also called an Oyinbo for the first time since I got here! If you read my previous post, I explained what an Oyinbo was. Anyway, after a phone call to my security people and 10mins later, she finally released us. We have all the papers for the car and our driver, Samuel, has his driver's license. All she wanted to do was just to antagonize this Oyinbo!! You can imagine steam coming out of my ears and I was ready to charge! All's well though, all's well.

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