Thursday, 23 February 2012

Shake It Nigerian Style!


Do you like art, paintings, scarves, batiks, textiles, dancing or just want to learn more about art in Africa? If your answer is yes and if you get a chance to visit Lagos, then I would highly recommend a visit to the Nike Art Gallery. The Nike Centre for Art and Culture as it is famously known, is a fabulous building here in Lagos located in Lekki Peninsula on Elegushi Road. It consists of five floors of vibrant collection of art from various Nigerian artists. It is owned and managed by Mrs Nike Davies-Okundaye, a famous Nigerian artist. Read more about this place by clicking here. If you want to read more about Mrs Nike Davies-Okundaye, please click here.

Mrs Nike Davies-Okundaye, our fantastic host with her husband, giving a welcome speech.

We were greeted with traditional Nigerian music and dance

This Nike gallery in Lagos has been opened to the public since September 2009. I went there today with several ExxonMobil ladies not knowing what to expect since this is my first visit to the gallery. My N6,200 (US$40 or S$49) payable to Nike Gallery is so worth it! I came home after the visit enriched with more knowledge of Nigerian culture. Doesn't matter if I am not able to go to yoga anymore since the instructor is out of town for a while. I get to shake my bum-bum as they say and swing my flabby chicken arms getting them to work today!

My group trying to "master" the moves ala chicken style
Tye dye station outside the building. This lady is helping me dye my scarf :)

I walked out of the Nike Art Gallery with my bum looking like a sick Nigerian donkey's ass and arms much more flabbier than ever, thank you! Just what I need! At least I am enjoying my new, urine-smelling scarf (no, I am not kidding!). It suits and will blend well in Lagos. Abadunde Batandu Batandu...Abadunde Batandu Batandu. Don't ask me what it means or if I say it right. That tune is stuck in my head all day long. Most important of all, it was a really fun day with lots of dancing and laughter. I am really beginning to like Lagos even more (did I just say that?!?!).

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  1. Is THAT what that smell was? Oh, gross. I guess it's color-fast though!