Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Good Days And Bad Days


Two days ago was Monday. Was it going to be Monday Blues? Well, I hope I won't get it! I didn't get it. Yesterday was Tuesday. I wasn't sure what they would say about Tuesday but I did get the Tuesday blues if there's such a thing! I was not feeling good. Felt like a cold coming. I told my nanny not to come and I didn't do a shit except to go to Multiker to get a few groceries. Multiker is a small supermarket 5 mins away from where we live at.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends who have been cheering me up with your kind words. I didn't have a good weekend. Today will be a good day. The rest of the week will be a good week.

One or two things have been weighing down in my mind. I have been doing a lot of thinking. Been thinking if I should just be a "superwoman" and let go of my nanny/stewardess. Then, I think about all the household chores that I will have to do, dealing with the maintenance people etc. Yesterday, the maintenance people stopped by our apartment. This guy started jabbering but I couldn't really understand a word he said. All I can remember was they wanted to make a hole on the wall in the master bedroom. I was in no mood for them so I told them to come back. I'm going to let my nanny handle it. See, this is EXACTLY why I will need her to be around!

So, I stopped thinking. I stopped thinking about letting my nanny go. I froze. I don't really want to do ALL that! "You will have NO social life! YOU will have NO social life!", is all I hear screaming in my ears silently though deadly. Damn! I mean I don't mind doing those chores BUT I don't want to be spending ALL day ALL week doing them. So I have decided to keep my nanny. Reluctantly, very reluctantly. Until I find an excuse to let her go.

Lately, I have been quite happy with the power outages occurence in our apartment building. It has been ridiculous the last few months. Power would go off every now and then in one day. Thankfully, for our emergency lights that I had them installed in our apartment. We no longer live in the dark.

Now, it would go off only once or twice in a day and sometimes once every few days. I can handle that but it's not exciting anymore!! I can't play hide and seek with my husband no more. I won't be able to hear the screaming of our kids whenever they are upstairs alone everytime the power went off. The only thing that's exciting is not hearing the UPS (uninterrupted power supply) machine. That thing drives me bonkers!

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