Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bring It ON


Don't you just love it when you are having a good day and a good week?

Today is Wednesday, March 14th.
5.02pm....I have four boys running around the house amok!

Boys are doing this but...
in 2 hours, I'll be doing this! Ok, but not in a swimsuit :) 
But then you know what?!?! Going out with a few ladies tonight to celebrate a fellow friend's/blogger's birthday. Catch her blog here if you haven't discover her yet. She's been here since November 2011. Freaking hilarious lady. Gotta love her!

Tomorrow will be Thursday, March 15th. I know Wednesday is not even over yet but I am so excited about tomorrow. Off to the beach with a few friends tomorrow. Hope the weather and everything else will cooperate. I will report back. So far so good. Keep it that way. Tune in tomorrow. Later, tater.........


  1. why am i just seeing this now?
    thank you again for organizing such a great night out. your friends were great. the first birthday abroad is hard and you made it special.
    and thanks for the purse!!! i love it. i'm going to use it the next time we go out.

  2. Asha, anytime my dear, anytime! Glad you like the purse :)