Tuesday, 6 March 2012

It's A Two-Way Communication


If you are like me, as a parent, as a mom, communications between teacher-parent, room parent(s)-parent are VERY important. I like to be informed of any concern or event that's going on in the school especially when it involves your own child's well-being and events that involves your child's class itself. I like the school here and the kids like their school.

Of course, it is important that our kids are also happy here especially now that we are in a third world country. We were in Singapore before we moved here. I was a room parent for two years running. First year as a room parent, I was just assisting, more like behind-the-camera type of assisting. Second year, it was a full hands-on job. I was the only room parent in our youngest son'sclass. I was in school almost every week and at times, almost everyday. By the end of the school year, the security guards, other teachers and their assistants knew me and my face too well!

Here, I think the room parent(s) don't really know a diddly-squat about communications! That, i am not too happy and impressed about. A room parent's job is to help the teacher communicate to the other parents in the class on behalf of the teacher. If you can't even do that, why offer yourself to be one? I just don't understand that. I can be one. Just give me that damn job of yours! I totally understand that everybody has their own life to deal with and to take care of. Just a simple email or two should do. At least, our 3rd grader's room parents know how to do their job! I guess each to his/her own. Different country, different way of handling things. It is still not acceptable. Not acceptable at all. I'm not angry, I'm just frustrated.

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