Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ikota, I Dey Come


It's funny how my neighbour next door, Doris, said..."I'll follow you ladies. You are more adventurous than me!" She have been here in Lagos for about 2-3years I believe. If you know me well enough, I am the type that will not sit still at home and the type that will try anything some things to get that adrenaline rush feeling. Eat worms? Maybe. Bungee jumping? I'll think about it. Dare me to poo/pee on the road in public just like the Lagosians? Fuggin' NO! Gross! Everytime I see them poo, pee, touching themselves in public, I feel like handing out some anti-bacterial wipes or sanitizer to them. The expressions on their face would be priceless.

On Thursday, myself, Amy and Janet went to Ikota market.

This is another market in Lagos located further down from Chevron compound. Big complex of shopping area with rows and rows of shops in between.

Sanders anyone? :)
Household items, fabrics, American products, no can pretty much find them here. Just be prepared to take leg (walk!). There is no way you can do that in just one day. This complex is too big.

BIG dodo
We are coming back here next week. Got word that a few other ladies would like to go. How about you? You dey?

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