Thursday, 12 April 2012

Time To Stock Up

Now that we are back in Lagos, it's time for me to stock up the kitchen with food especially when our 7yrs old son is showing signs of a serious growth spurt!

I still don't feel 100% yet with this cold of mine. My chest feels heavy and tissues have become my best friend literally! Shit, I feel like chopping off my nose! Getting there though..getting there.

Before we went on our spring break, there were lots of rumors about another strike that might happen this month, in April. So far, it has been quiet though. Few days ago, I did, however, see a long queue for petrol right outside where Shoprite is at. Don't know whether that's a tell-tale sign. I am stocking up! I always have been. Anything can happen here.

I love buying vegetables and fruit at the market under the bridge. Loads of fresh green vegetables everywhere. The vendors there can be very pushy, a bit aggressive at times. Heck, I don't mind it if I can buy a BIG bunch of bananas for merely 500Naira (US$3/S$4), pineapple for 300Naira (US$2), a kilo of crabs for 800Naira (US$5) and one whole big fish for roughly about 1500Naira (US$9) depending on the type of fish you buy. Can't beat the prices here than in the grocery stores for sure! Establish a good relationship with a few of the vendors armed with your bargaining skills and you'll do just fine!

About 2200Naira (US$13) for a kilo of BIG prawns
If you do buy fish here, just be careful as the vendors will put some coloring on the fishes to make them look fresh. I am not good at spotting that!! This is when my friend, Amy, or even my nanny comes into the picture! THEY are good in telling these things. Me? Not so much!

The market is always buzzing especially on Fridays. Sometimes, local Nigerian music will go blasting through a speaker hidden somewhere in the market. Some vendors will get their groove on and jiving with the music. It's a fun sight! Gotta love it! So, to the market I go.

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