Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Do You Have Something For Me?

It is just wrong to ask people for money. Don't you think? Well, I certainly think so.

I don't know about you but I am kind of getting tired and frustrated with the way people around here keeps asking for money. Especially at the airport here. It is always stressful to be at the airport here right from the moment one gets off the bus up till the immigration checkpoint to go to the gates. Same goes whenever we come back into the country. The "officers" there will make a point to stop you. "What's in your luggage? Do you have anything for me? Who do you work for?". It all sounds too familiar to me already!

Our kids are into their last few weeks of after-school activities. Our oldest son's soccer coach apparently "approached" me for money. He said that he is going to United States for a soccer coaching course of some sort and that he needs some assistance. Really?!? I just brushed it off and said ok that I will try to help him by asking the other parents. I don't know why did I even say that. He "reminded" me again last week through our son at soccer. This soccer coach will not get any money. He will not get anything from me or any other parents. Maybe I should report him to the school office. That is just not right. Then again, if it's not the soccer coach that will ask me for money, it can be a "police officer" or any Tom, Dick or Harry on the streets.

I would love to help. There is a lot of need in this country but just not this way. Just not this way.

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  1. Being Nigerian i can understand where you are coming from. I can only say 'wrong attitudes done over have time have become the norm'. Please ignore all such requests. I recently moved from texas back to Nigeria and it has not being easy adjusting. Sometimes i wonder how i coped before i relocated.But i kinda know what happened,i found a better way....thats it.
    Enjoy your stay