Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hello Cape Town

We arrived in Cape Town on a nice Tuesday afternoon. Weather was nice throughout our stay in South Africa except for the last day or so we were there.

V&A Waterfront in Cape Town
Was supposed to live in a serviced apartment at the waterfront for five nights but after two nights we had to move to another place. The aircon wasn't working, there was no internet and phone access readily available. My husband especially was not happy. I was not happy. So, by the time we checked into our new hotel, I know everything would be ok when I saw this...
Beautiful sunset in Cape Town to end our visit to South Africa
The hotel do not allow children ages 12 and below to stay with them but I am so glad they made an exception in our case all thanks to our wonderful travel agent, Leanne of Ngwe Safari, who made it all possible!!

Quite a bit of things to do in Cape Town itself. Managed to sneak in a day's trip along the Peninsula. Did a drive through Hout Bay, boat ride to Seal Island, visit a penguin colony and a couple more.

By the end of the day, our boys were so exhausted they were not even smiling! Getting things done in South Africa however, was also challenging. I ran out of minutes for my mobile phone. It was a hassle to get a SIM card. In the end, cut the story short, we have phone access! By this time, we had no mood to go to our wine tour. It worked out fine for our boys because THEY get to go to a theme park called Ratoonga Junction. It was fun though. Everyone's happy so it's all good! Good thing we did, as the next two days, Cape Town rained on us.

It have been a good spring break. Kids are back in school and we are swinging back into the groove of things in Lagos. Till next time. Adios!

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