Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Safari, How Wild Are Thee!

Hey, hey folks! Did you miss me? I sure miss you all. Now, that's the truth :)

Yes, got back to Lagos on Sunday night. It's true when they say sometimes taking a vacation can be very tiring. I was so knackered when we finally stepped into our flat. It doesn't help also when I brought a cold back with me. Today is day three that we are back and with "drugs" in my system, I am feeling a little better today.

South Africa is georgeous. We started our trip with a safari 4 hours away near Cape Town situated in the heart of the little Karoo, along the scenic Route 62 and Robertson Wine Route. No, we didn't drive. At all. I'd rather absorb in all the beautiful views rather than get stressed out driving while on holidays!

On our way to safari. Beautiful views throughout.

Entrance to the game reserve
This game reserve is only about 10-11 years old compare to others but it is certainly filled with an impressive and diverse collection of wildlife, 650 plant and 216 bird species.  Plenty of things to do such as guided nature walking opportunites, visit ancient rock art sites, cool stargazing at night and the list goes on. It was so peaceful and breathtaking. No tv. Who cares? Nestled among nature itself are our constant entertainment.

View of our lodge from a distance on one of our game drive

My afternoon tea overlooking Bellair dam and the surrounding mountains
Our boys, however, were not thrilled with our daily 6am wake-up call to get ready for our 6.30am morning game drive. Must admit I was not thrilled either. Ha! The morning air was crisp and cold!

Brrrrrr....I was not kidding when I said it was COLD!
Once we were out there, the morning wake-up calls, dragging our butt off the bed, catching a cold were all so worthwhile when we saw these.........

Beautiful parade of elephants

Zebra crossing. Cute!
Just simply breathtaking views
Indigenous flora and fauna found at the game reserve
Cocktails and tea break in the middle of nowhere was awesome. Breakfast in the bushes one morning was an experience. It happened to be the favourite hangouts for the white lions the next day!

Our ranger, Suritha, preparing our breakfast in the bush :)

All in all, we managed to see oryx, white and tawny lions, kudu, red hartebeest, black-backed jackal, eland, white rhinoceros, baboons and many more. Safari's done. We are ready for Cape Town next. Yes, city life. Here we go.

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