Friday, 20 April 2012

Stress Reliever

I made the decision to make my nanny/stewardess from being full-time to part-time now. I am so glad I did! Afer all, she started just doing part-time with me in the first place. She has since been coming here only three times a week versus five. I know some of you will say, big deal! Bloody hell, it is a BIG deal to me! I have never been a fan of having a full-time help at home. Not in Texas, not in Singapore and definately not here! Yes, I can do it myself. Cleaning the house, cooking etc but I refuse to "waste" my time doing it 24hrs a day. Personally, I don't have any issues with our nanny nor our driver. We have quite a good relationship.

My nanny "in action" during our son's birthday celebrations in school
Both our nanny and driver have been working for us since August last year and so far they haven't created any problems for us at all. I hope it stays that way. It's just that I don't like her to be in the house every day! Otherwise, she's been a great help! I call her my right-hand man or lady in her case.

I love being in pajamas all morning . I feel "free" wandering around within my own apartment and not having someone else aside from your own family members there with you. I don't feel stressed. That's important.

However, I do miss being able to go to Starbucks, Coffee Bean or any nice cafe, sipping a latte while people-watching, scenery-watching. Or simply walk around, window shopping in nice shopping malls. Used to do that all the time everytime my part-time helper came. There are a few places here that I can go to but most of them have that indoor feel to them. What's the use of doing that then?! It's better to sit at home within your own four walls and get comfortable.

Oh well, few more weeks till I can do a REAL people-watching again while catching up with my good friends. One hazelnut latte, please!

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