Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cool But Vicious

No, not me but I can be if you are not nice to me.

I'm talking about the weather. Nigeria's rainy season in fact. It is usually hot year round but now, it has started. If you have been following my post from the beginning, I explained about the wet and dry seasons of Nigeria. Now, we have entered the wet season which will usually last from April to October and sometimes it starts as early as March. Dry season is from November to March.

As I am writing this blog, it has started raining pretty hard. Singapore weather is very similar to this. Personally, I love it. This is my kind of weather. Nigeria does not have four distinctive seasons like most countries do.

Storm's brewing
Cool, cool rain

I don't mind the snow but hate it when it starts to become a wahala (problem) to do daily chores/errands outside of the house. Snow blizzards are not fun. I haven't had the chance to experience it and not sure if I want to!

Too much rain is not good either for us folks in Nigeria. When you have too much rain, flooding occurs and traffic becomes horrendous! I am not going to complain. Instead, I will enjoy this weather of Nigeria right now. Don't bother me, I'm back in my pajamas/lounge clothes again. Is it bedtime yet?

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