Thursday, 3 May 2012

You Need Help!

Some people just make you sick to the stomach! I don't know what is wrong with the world these days!

Last week, a 12 yrs old Malaysian boy was kidnapped while he was on his way to school. He was abducted and forcefully shoved into a car by two men near his school. In daylight! I guess it does not matter really what time these type of crime or ANY type of crime can happen.

The week before this boy was abducted, another Malaysian, a 15 yrs old girl was reported missing for 20 days. Her burnt body was found about 3 weeks later by a lorry driver at a palm oil estate next to a motorcycle that she rode the day she was last seen.

Earlier on, charred remains of another 5 yrs old Malaysian girl, missing since March 1, was found at a plantation in Nusa Damai, Johor.

After all this, I just couldn't read anymore news of this calibre. At least, the 12 yrs old boy was later released and found alive. Read about his case here.

Keep your children and family close to you. Anything can happen in the world. ANYWHERE. You never know what's next.

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