Sunday, 27 May 2012

Obe Dindin

Wondering what the heck is that??? Have a sit and I'll explain though this will sound very familiar to the locals :)

Obe Dindin is one of the dish that I had when I went to a local restaurant called Yellow Chilli on Friday.

Entrance to Yellow Chilli

Calm and decent decor inside

Yes, it is a local Nigerian restaurant here in Lagos. They serve local fare and some not so local. Apparently, it is quite a popular restaurant and lunchtimes pulls in a loyal crowd of professionals. I went there with a few of my girlfriends as we want to check it out since we heard rave reviews about this restaurant. It is not a big place and perhaps Yellow Chilli seats only about 50-75 people probably. Upstairs they have a lounge area/bar with a cosmopolitan ambience that is more for after-work-get-a-beer and hang out kind of place.

The food was quite good and I was impressed. Started with of course, a spicy chicken pepper soup. Nigerians like their food pepper as they say and so do I but not my friends. Wussies!!

More food came out after the chicken pepper soup. Obe Dindin followed by Seafood Okro Soup. The servings are quite large if you are not a big eater. It's best to share with friends. I had to pack mine up as I had to rush to school to watch our youngest son receive an award in school (yes, I'm a proud Mama!).
Chicken Pepper Soup. One of my fav Nigerian dish.

Obe Dindin (Beef Stew)

Obe Dindin close-up

My Seafood Okro soup with pounded yam
Overall, I am quite impressed with this place and put this restaurant on your list to do if you are here in Lagos, Nigeria. It may not be your kind of scene/taste but be a little adventurous and try it! You might find yourself coming back here again and again.

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