Sunday, 6 May 2012

Crowd Pleaser

If you have not watched The Avengers 3D yet, all I can say is GO! It's quite a long movie (2 hrs 20mins) but it's worth it. Watch the trailer here.

It was my husband's first time watching a movie in Naija yesterday. I had to "force" my boys to come and watch the movie with me. The Avengers 3D did not dissapoint. It was great! We even get to keep our 3D glasses. We should get to keep it since we paid about US$80 just for movie tickets for five of us yesterday!!

The only thing I was not happy about was 45 minutes into the movie, people were still slowly crawling into the theatre. We were sitting by the aisle near the entrance/exit since it was crowded, so you could only imagine all these distractions while watching the movie. It's freaking annoying!

Despite all that, we had a good time and definately will be back to watch more movies there.

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