Monday, 7 May 2012

THE Complainer

I just read an email circulated to us regarding one of my neighbour who have "lost" her beloved chair.

This is what she wrote...

"We would like to report a missing chair.  We did not put a GPS tracker on our outdoor furniture, so cannot locate it.  It was there when I left the apartment and gone when I returned home hours later.  It may not know its way home but was a much loved piece of furniture with brown cushions and came in very handy to hold groceries when finding keys.  When you just wanted to sit and look at the sea for a minute and forget where you are!  There is no reward except in knowing that you have done a good deed! 
Thank you in advance."

It sounds like she's complaining and not happy. This is not the first time she did that. In fact, this is the third time she did that. Complaining. No, I don't blame her that she's not happy. The first time she complained via email was when she woke up next to a cockroach one morning and INSISTED that the "pest" people come and destroy that roach for her. If she woke up next to a rat, then that's different.

The second time she complained was when one of her gas bottled for cooking was missing.

Now, this. I like to complain too. In fact, A LOT! Who doesn't? It's only human nature to do that but to "complain" about mere things? Come on. It just irks me. A chair's missing, a gas bottle and waking up next to a cockroach are nothing compare to other problems people are facing in the world. If it's me, I don't care if I am missing a chair. So what? It's replaceable. So what if you woke up next to a cockroach? Just squash it with your hand or pillow even though it sounds gross! So what if your gas bottled's missing? Just call for another one.

All I care about right now is the well-being of my dad. Got word from my sister this afternoon that my dad was in the hospital. He suffered a mild heart attack I think. Or something clogged his arteries. Talked to my mom and thankfully, he seems to be ok. Will know more tomorrow. I hope he will feel better soon. Now, that's what I care about.

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