Thursday, 17 May 2012

I Can Be A Gym Buff Too

Today, I finally stepped on the treadmill and today I finally went to the gym after so many doggone years! I am not a pro. All those machines at the gym SCARES me! I don't know why but they look SO freaking intimidating to me. Was there for only 30 minutes but hey it's better than nothing. Slowly but surely. Maybe a gymaniac in the making!

I made a bet with myself that I will lose 6kgs come June 4th. Can I do it???????? We shall see. I need my body to be bikini ready! Don't laugh!!!!

Maybe I'll make the list this year o_0
There's a lot of noise and movements in our building today. Lots of families are moving out the next few weeks and I don't mean just move out to another building but for good! One of them is my neighbour next door. They've been here for about 6 years or so. The movers have been packing them up since this morning.
It was interesting when she told me that in the beginning all these expat wives that came here looked all nice and dolled-up, pretty-looking but now they are leaving Lagos looking very haggard and old. Shit, I  hope I don't become like that!

To all those leaving, I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. I don't know if I should feel jealous. I certainly am not jealous when I am leaving Lagos myself. Nah, not for good. Just for the summer. I'll see you when I see you, Naija.

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