Wednesday, 25 January 2012

You Are A Pest!


I think I will finally surrender. To the pest control people or whoever they may be here in Lagos. After killing one small cockroach while I was surfing the net, I decided to do it. I am going to sit down and email GREFF. Well, GREFF, are the crew that's in charge of every maintenance work that requires attention here at the apartment building we are living in. Anyway, it's not like as if they will come immediately after you send the work request. As they say, it's coming....

What triggers me to really decide on calling the pest control are because of four things:

1) A particular someone in our building just recently woke up to a BIG roach saying "Good Morning, Sunshine!" to her. The same particular someone who also complained about a neighbour "stealing" her bottled gas, the type you used for cooking. Heh!

2) A neighbour upstairs recently (a few nights ago!) found a rat wandering around her apartment, hiding behind the freezer/fridge, eating an apple and of course stealing food from her kitchen. She eventually got rid of it!

3) Bugs have been "pestering" me everytime I go downstairs to the tennis court watching our boys play their scooter/soccer.

4) I have a BIG, BIG hole in my laundry room wall!! God knows what will come through the hole and into our apartment! Everytime I ask GREFF to patch up the wall quick, they always tell me it's coming Madam, it's coming! *Sigh*

I have a headache now. A Lagos headache!

This is the rat (dead now!) that my neighbour, Karin Frye, found in apartment

This is the BIG gap/hole in our laundry room!

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