Friday, 27 January 2012

Life's A Beach


For me to do this blog since I just recently set my blog up and happen to look at my picture albums in here :) There are nice places to go to in Lagos. Sometime late last year, first week of November 2011, we went out on a boat with three other families to the beach. It is not too far away from where we live at. We had to take a very interesting boat ride to reach this place. Boat ride was quite bumpy and I was so scared that we would bounce off the boat! First time I went there with my husband and our two boys. It was a beautiful day and it's like as if we are in paradise :) Or should I say I feel like as if I'm in Thailand! (Only it's better there! ^_^)

Too bad we can't swim in the water due to the strong currents. Does not matter, our kids had fun anyway playing by the beach. We got to get out of the apartment to a different scenery away from the chaos of the city. Till next time at the beach, folks!

Back to the chaotic city life :)

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