Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nigeria Trouble!


So......the strike in Nigeria is heading into its second week! School has been closed for 5 days now and there will be no school again tomorrow, Monday, January 16th. It feels like we have been in "prison" here since we couldn't go out and about like per normal. It may seem quiet and all outside but who knows. There have been reports that "thugs" are extorting money and stealing valuables from motorists(?) who travels on the road! Yeah, maybe we should have stayed in USA BUT we don't have our own house there and we sure don't want to stay in a hotel room ETC ETC! Definately do not want to burden relatives either by staying too long with them otherwise wahala will arise there too :)

Anyway, we have enough food and water supply. For now! Yes, for now. For those of you that's not sure what this strike is all about in Nigeria, click here

Whatever it is, I am hoping this strike will not prolong. Stay safe everyone!

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