Saturday, 28 January 2012

Time To Clean Up


NOBODY is allowed to venture out on the road this morning between 7am till 10am. If one is caught, they will be fine N10,000 (about S$78 or US$62) or face a 6-month jail term. Considering the fact that most of the Nigerians only make about US$2 (S$2.50) a day, you would think they would follow the rule. No! Of course, some will take the risk and get caught! Now, what am I talking about??? Well, today is Saturday, January 28th 2012.

Sometime in mid April 2010, the Lagos State Government declared that last Saturday of every month be observed as environmental sanitation across the State making sure that filth generated across the state are properly cleared up and disposed properly. Thus, any movements within the state is restricted between that period of time in the morning.  This is when residents come out to clean up their surroundings. Of course, under the watchful eyes of the officials of the state government ensuring that they do their part in cleaning up.

Environmental Day means no cars, buses or motorbikes on the streets to cut down on vehicular emission, cleaning up the streets, drains and any kinds of sanitation. I totally applaud Nigerians in their effort to make their country a better, cleaner one but just don't give me a pair of gloves. I will not put my hands in those drains! :)

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