Sunday, 15 January 2012

Reminiscing USA!


Our trip to the US of A that is! Yes, never mind all these wahala about the strike in Nigeria! Oh, by the way, wahala means problem. That's the word for problem(s) here. Anyway, we really had a great trip. Out of Nigeria one month for Christmas and New Year. Went to Indiana for Christmas, stopover in Houston, then to Galveston and rented a beach house there. Lastly, we headed to New Orleans, Lousiana, before heading back to Indiana. It was very refreshing to be able to smell the fresh air! Don't mind the 14+ hours flight to Atlanta and another 1 1/2 hours flight to Indiana at all! It was all worth it. After being "stuck" in Lagos for 7months straight without a break, we were glad to be out of here for a while.

We got to meet up with old friends and kids got to see their grandparents so it's all good! We went to the zoo in Louisiana. It was a very nice zoo. We also did a swamp tour. Boy, that was a very cold morning to be out on the boat! In an air boat that is! We were freezing..brrrr! Totally were not dressed for the occasion. LOL! It was very cool though and we got to see a handful of baby gators. Not the big ones since they are pretty much hibernating right now during winter months. Now, we are back in filthy, noisy, unpredictable country called Nigeria once again. Few more months before our next break. Getting adjusted back to our normal "life" here but it doesn't help with all these strike going on. Oh well! Enjoy the pictures everyone.....till next time!

One cold morning in Evansville, Indiana

A start to a beautiful day that morning

Kids IHOP pancake

My American-sized steak omelette breakfast

Georgeous sunset in Galveston beach

From our beach house deck

Our swamp tour guide, Captain Bebop
Beautiful live oak trees

THE famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans

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