Saturday, 3 December 2011


Hate It!!!

I am not trying to whine or anything but ok, i am whining a little bit. Today is one of those days I wish I'm on the plane out of Lagos like now, now (favourite phrase here!)! We've been here since 2 July 2011 and we are getting "itchy" to get out of here for some much needed holiday. Traffic around here are getting crazier each day since it is Christmas season too but it is always crazy here anyway. Below is a little story from our adventure today.

So we decided today to go to Frenchies restaurant for lunch since we have not been to this one yet. Frenchies is a small bakery/cafe here in Lagos. We have been going to just lunch here during the weekends the last few weeks. It is a little safer in the daytime for lunch versus at night for dinner. Not safe to travel at night especially during these holiday season here. I usually go there to Frenchies just to buy some sandwiches for the children for takeout. They like the sandwiches but i find it a bit bready and not enough meat. Anyway, so off we go exploring upstairs. The first sight of the restaurant I was already not keen. Then, they do not have the drinks that I want. So I asked for an iced lemon tea. The waiter goes, "You want iced tea?"...i goes,"Yes." The waiter again goes, "Iced tea. So cold water with sliced lemon and a tea bag in it?". I'm already getting impatient. I said,"Yes. And a bottle of water too." Off he goes getting our drinks ready. Few minutes later, this lady came out "Is this what you want?", she said holding a pot of cold water with sliced lemon and a tea bag in it. I looked inside the pot and silently goes hmmmmm...doesn't look right but what the heck! Maybe the tea will turn brown after it gets infused in the water. I was totally wrong! Waited and waited it didn't happen. At this point, we already ordered our food. The waiter came out again. "Sorry, but we don't have fish today so no fish kebabs." That order was for my husband. Fine. So he tried to order roast chicken. Few minutes later he came out again. "Sorry, but we don't have roast chicken." Meaning no chicken either?!?! So he then tried to order the same dish i was trying to order...grilled chicken. I also didn't get my bottled water that I ordered. The waiter went back inside. This time, my husband went back inside carrying my so-called iced tea inside trying to get some hot water.

I can see from the corner of my eyes he wasn't all! All of a sudden, he said, "This is ridiculous, we are not coming back here again!" I know that tone. At this point I wasn't happy either. We paid for drinks and got out of there with our kids.

My "iced tea".

Does it look like one? No!
Anyway, cut the story short, we ended up going to Chocolat Royal for lunch! One of our favourite place to go and eat here and so far so good no problem. Hope it stays that way. Other than that, 11 more sleeps till we get to USA for our holiday. We definately need a change of scenery for a little bit from the weather, surroundings and people.

No, we are not in Denmark or Germany or anything like that. This was displayed in Chocolat Royal. Nice but no Christmas music??

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