Friday, 9 December 2011

Left Or Right?!?!


So I hosted a Christmas brunch with a bunch of ladies yesterday at our apartment. Thought that it would be nice to see each other before we all "disappear" for the rest of the year 2011. It was a good turnout. Ladies from Bolivia, USA, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, India and Vietnam came. That's why I called my brunch "International Christmas Brunch"!

I instructed the ladies to bring in a dish each to share because I hate to do a lot of work in the kitchen especially for a big group. In the end, I still made a mess! Thank goodness for my nanny. I made her work yesterday. There were a really nice spread of food. Our apartment is full of good, yummy aromas and wonderful Christmas music in the background. Not forgetting holiday bubbles too!

My famous egg rolls

Tummies are full, brains and body are "hyped" up from the bubbles, we sat down and started our gifts exchange session. To make the gifts exchange more exciting, I read the story of "Tommy Wright". What the ladies had to do, was to listen to the words "left" or "right" and pass the gifts accordingly to their left or right. At the end of the story, whatever gifts that landed on their lap, will be theirs. You all can google this if you have no idea what I am talking about ^_^! Or click here

I ended up with this as my gift :)
Fun was had by all! Till next year, ladies!

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  1. Sorry I missed. I could've used some Christmas cheer! Love Janet in the paper crown. Merry Christmas!