Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nigeria. From My Eyes.

With A Click From My Camera.

I always have a camera ever ready with me everytime I am in the car. You never know what you will see, experience etc. Especially when one is stuck in Lagos traffic! I think one of these days I will snap a picture of someone peeing in the streets. LOL!!!!! I know it's gross but that's how gross these people are in Lagos. You will never easily find a public restrooms here. They NEVER sanitise either!! Yuck! I am not a professional photographer or anything. Just taking it for fun. A few of the pictures might not be of good quality because I try to discreetly take those pictures at times. Taking pictures of people around here without permission is a big NO, NO! Enjoy.

This policeman holding a rifle during this peak traffic hours

Sweet Georgina with Abigail

View of the road outside our balcony/apartment b4 the "big" makeover.
A local goat market

A Nigerian tuk-tuk

Donkeys under a bridge. Wild perhaps.

Discreetly took pics of these ladies/moms in school. I feel under-dressed each time!

For sale sign on car. I won't be the buyer for sure. Car stalled on the highway. Eventually, it drove away.

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