Monday, 5 December 2011

You Snooze You Lose!


People ALWAYS tell me, "If you see something in the store/supermarket that you like to eat/drink, buy them! LOTS of them!". I still never learn my lesson. One time, I went into the store and happen to buy a carton box of Sunmaid brand raisins. So, when my husband told me to get more, guess what? It was gone and never to be seen again till now. There are other brand raisins but i like those brand. Sigh....

Then, it was peanut butter. Three stores were sold out on peanut butter! What is this? A hurricane going to come to Lagos or something?!?! Anyhow, I got my hands on some. Now, I have been looking around for pesto sauce in jars. All of the stores are out of them for months now. I am tired of waiting. So today, I told my nanny to go to the market under the bridge. Yes, it is literally a market UNDER a bridge! I will take more pictures next time.

One has to drive pass this sign to go to the market under the bridge.

One of the vegetable seller at the market.
That's one nice thing about this market under the bridge. You can always find fresh vegetables and herbs. My nanny got me a bunch of fresh basil. Love, love the smell of them! I went ahead and start making my own pesto sauce. I learn to make some things/food from scratch eversince we came here to Nigeria since sometimes I cannot get things that are readily available. It's all good!

Fresh basil

Fresh pepper soup leaves. I use these to make Nigerian pepper soup.

This funky looking caterpillar was hiding among the basil leaves. Our youngest son decided to keep this one :)

Finally, my homemade pesto sauce. Yummy!

Roast chicken for dinner tonight.

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