Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Short! Short! Short!

Getting Shorter And Shorter!

My hair that is! Yup! Eversince I got my hair damaged here in groovy Lagos, Nigeria, I HAD to get it cut short! Don't ask me how I got it damaged. I was miserable for one whole week. Felt like just to cut my hair bald! I was one of the few, maybe the ONLY one that was brave enough to get my hair done with treatments. I had wanted to straighten my hair. In Singapore, we call it hair rebond. Did it a few times (of course only in Singapore!) and was fine. I know my hair is very dry and it needed treatment but I was "itchy" and couldn't wait so off I go to a salon here near my apartment. Oh boy, never will I do that EVER again! I came out of the salon with my scalp burned, and my hair stiff! I had become a Nigerian woman!!!! Too bad I didn't take a picture.

Anyway, in the end, I found a hairstylist here that I really like. Of course, through recommendations via the American Womens Club here. I have been going to him a few times...for hair steam, highlight and hair cut. So today, I went to see Joseph (my hairstylist) and told him to chop off the back of my hair because it was getting on my nerves touching my neck and all. After 1 1/2 hours in there, I came out smiling all the way! 
A local lady braiding her hair in front of me. Do you see the fake hair one of the salon crew holding?
Happy days! It's ALWAYS an adventure here in Africa!! Ciao for now.....

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!! Cutting your hair is's like once you cut a little just isn't enough:) You look great!:)